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1. Pick a shape

New projects starts with shape. Decide the size and shape you like from our 1000+ mold in stock.

2. Send us your artwork

After choosing the shape, we'll send you the dieline of the product for your to express your creative design.

3. Confirm Pre-production sample

Once shape and artwork are finalized, you are ready to go. We will prepare one free mock up sample for your confirmation.

4. Production and Payment

The production of your customized goods will be scheduled upon sample confirmation. 

5. Shipping

Just wait around 30 days, your unique dinnerware will be knocking at your door.

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you are only 5 Steps away from

your  Bespoke Dinnerware

少量訂購 多樣選擇


1. 挑選產品造型


2. 產品圖案設計


3. 產前樣品確認


4. 付款及開始生產


5. 貨送到府


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