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Food Safe

Our products meet  food safety requirements around the world:


 EU: (EC) 10/2011, (EC) 284/2011


          Food and Feed Law § 30, 31


 US:  FDA- 21.CFR 177.1460 
CA: CPLA/CPLR, C.R.C., c.417


 JP :  JFSL - JIS  2029

 CN: GB4806.7-2016


         Sanitation Standard for Food
          Utensils, Containers and Packages

Designers' buddy

 Various range of melmaineware:

       Plates, Bowls, Cups

       Trays, Chip and Dips

       Cutting boards, Plank

       Salad Servers, Prep bowls

       Pet bowls

1000+ molds, good variety of shapes: basics, flower, animals and more. Product size range from 7 to 51cm (2 to 20 inches).

Young designers friendly OEM factory. We offer low production MOQ and low color material MOQ services for customize or bespoke items.

Ethical & Eco

We are committed to our contribution in building a more sustainable supply chain. We have introduced Higg Facility Tools (Facility Environment Module) in 2023 to assess and then reduce environmental impact. 

From the source of our raw material, to the export cartons and paper retail packagings,  anything that contains wood are sourced with a FSC certified supplier.

All production factors are traceable.  Our factory is inspected annually and certified by NSF.

We value corporate social responsibility. Our factory is SA8000: 2014 certified.

From product to  packing, all material meet REACH requirements (contain no elements in SVHC list.)


We are an active member of SCAN (Supplier Compliance Audit Network), and scored 98% in our latest audit conducted in 2023.

All ranges of products are made in Taiwan.

Every piece of products goes through 3 stages of thorough quality check procedures.  


Only produce our goods with 100% melamine no filler.

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